"My sexuality is not an inferior trait that needs to be chaperoned by emotionalism or morality".- Alice Bag


           Could I be the one you are looking for?  Blessed with a gift, my reputation speaks for its self on local review boards. On many occasions, I have been referred to as a “Dakini healer” or as “naturally gifted.”  Human touch and connection are considerably undervalued, yet essential for our well-being.  My chosen areas of studies for my undergrad degrees and certificates include psychology, gerontology advocacy, end of life care and support, sexuality, queer and gender studies. In the fall I start Somatica, a sexological relationship coach program for my practicum. When I finally complete my studies, my goal is to work with elder widows(er)s, singles, and couples coping with sexuality and grief issues. Honestly, I just enjoy connecting with and helping others in my unique way. Recommend by healthcare professionals as well as on the golf course among friends :) Come see me for yourself.  Personalized sessions are focused on your pleasure.

My specialties include

             Multiple massage techniques           

Edging creating a full-body orgasm 

"Resurrecting the dead" for ED issues

Prostate massage (milking)

 Light sensual domination


         With the privilege of being selective in my visitors, I am not here to please the masses. My preference is men well over 50. Age is just a number, a simple timing of birth. However, mature men over 30, please feel free to contact me appropriately. 



Multiple options for meeting

Close to Downtown and 20 minutes from PDX

more about me and too see  

        If you are interested in meeting please send an email, text, or call to introduce yourself with the information below you are comfortable sharing. I do my best to return all inquiries, even to decline. However, I am only one person. I appreciate your patience and persistence.

-Name, age & occupation
-General physical description
-Preferred contact info
-Preferred length, date & time
- Any questions or issues 

-Any reference or handle info is also helpful 

Thank you for your time

Ms. B Sweets

Basic disclaimerNo metaphors, no up-sells, & no BS. Please note my donations are non-negotiable reasonable requests for my time & companionship. This is not a solicitation for prostitution. I do not provide or imply to provide any sort of healing, medicinal, or therapeutic service. Nor, do I provide any services involving a fluid exchange of any type. I am not a licensed healthcare professional or an escort. Thank you for your consideration.

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