Brandy Sweets
 Safe, Sensual and Satisfying  

All about me

Old enough to know what you want, yet still young enough to be what you want.

Authentic girl next door look 
Straight smile & Bright blue eyes 
5 foot even 
 34" B bust 
120 pounds
 40" wide hips
Dainty size 5/35 shoes
with tastefully placed tattoos 
Proud of my all-natural firm and curvy hourglass figure
My appearance is just what you see in my photos, they are updated often 
Recently I have taken a few more workshops and classes to refine my natural skills

   Massage your partner retreat
Certified life coach
CPR and first aid Certified 
Gerontology Undergrad student

 Comfortable in my body...I am petite in size, but not in personality
I enjoy being in my birthday suit, especially for work! 
I'm confident in myself and secure in what I do 

I have had a lifelong love for the art of the true Geisha
Let me entertain and inspire you with my unique style