Who am I?

      100% percent unapologetically myself. I am just what you see here, old enough to know what you want, young enough to be to what you want. Petite in size, not personality! I am not perfect, nor do I expect you to be. With the curves of a goddess, creamy porcelain skin and long dark hair, I feel I won the genetic lottery. Many find me highly intuitive, straightforward yet, compassionate.   


     Naturally, there is more to me than I can convey within this website but please have a look around and get a feel for me :)  You can also find me with weekly updates on Twitter


Country cutie


Small town farm girl roots

Home cooked goodness

Holistic down to earth

Creative & artistic 

Free-spirited, free range 

Humble & resourceful  








City Chic



Fine dining from the carts to the skyline  

Libraries, art shows & cultural events 

Designer collections & thrift boutique

A hedonist at times

Bicycling about


Coveralls, all dressed up or all nude  



Wavy long brown highlighted hair
Petite 5 foot even 
Size 5/35 shoe
Naturally slim and Curvy 120 
40-inch hips 
Full B cup natural breasts 
late 30's 









Music- Eclectic genres, instrumentals,

soulful vocals, and varying tempos


Flowers- Lilys, Dahlias & Cactus 


Foods- Most ethnic cuisines 

rustic breads, farm-fresh produce & eggs 

 Drinks- H2o, herbal teas,  or a nice dry red wine

Sweets- pies, pastries and dark chocolates 


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