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About me
I meant to behave but there were so many options 

      Because I choose not to go the formal clinical route, I am able to retain independent control regarding what I provide for my clients. Over the years I have attended several informal massage and sexuality classes at Breitenbush, Somatica® Institute, and the Love Institute to name a few. My undergrad focus on sexuality genderqueer studies, the aging body and sociology. Ask me about what my thesis is about. With over 10 years of "hands-on" erotic massage, my experience working with gentlemen and couples here in Portland has varied from basic "vanilla" dating advice to an unlimited buffet of toys, kinks, and multiples. Not much will raise my eyebrows.


      Traditional roles and settings setting were never conducive for my style of interacting. My life is a bit abstract life, as I am continuingly coloring outside the lines. I am content breaking the rules of society's sexually repressed boundaries and providing this service for sexual empowerment. As a sensual Domme I am able to express myself fully as a sexual being. The perfect combo of sweet and severe. As a polyamorous sapiosexual open communication and intelligence are what turn me on. Aspects of my work I enjoy include the giver/receiver role reversal, being a tease, the intimate connection and the privilege of being your secret fantasy keeper. 

      Being referred to as a Dakini healer, a Goddess, a muse among other flattering titles, my passion for sharing my gifts clearly shows. I have perfected my craft. Incorporating my extensive experience as a caregiver and natural empath abilities with my enjoyment of taking temporary control over men sexually. My preference is to cultivate long lasting relationships. Build from strong foundation of trusting one another. 

     As a Virgo some would say I am the perfect combination of beauty and brains. An unpretentious county girl, I am all natural and humble yet confident and goal oriented. A few of my favorite things gardening, bicycling about, baking sweet treats, creating repurposing/recycled art projects, farmers markets, and hiking especially to hot springs, documentaries, remixes of classic songs, creatures of all sorts, and most of all the taboo topics of death, sex and religion. ​I prefer to sleep in the nude and do my clerical work in my pajamas. 

     My petite 5 foot even curvy figure boosts a full B cup, a big 42" booty, long dark curly hair, bright blue eyes, porcelain complexion with smooth soft skin, discreetly covered by a few large tasteful tattoos and a bit body hair supported by tiny pedicured size 5 feet. German and Scottish genes. I often have a natural no make-up look but occasionally is I am feeling dressy or by request a  pin-up look can accomplished in 5ish mins. Stout and strong yet feminine and kind. The MILF you are so curious about next door. 

     My birthday is in early September but anytime you want to spoil me or offer tokens of appreciation, you are appreciated. Gift me something from my list and I will send you a personalized thank you.

-Amazon Wishlist for ideas & convenience Wishlist for gift cards

-Shebop gift & Spartacus gift cards for toys 

-Everett House & Knot spring gift cards to relax 

-Grow my savings with coin or cash

-Ask for a direct link for grad school tuition (most appreciated) 

-Personal gifts from your skillset or travels 

I hope you have enjoyed, as I designed and built this website myself to share with you a bit of my creative side. If you made it this far, may the force be with you. I hope to hear from you soon!


Hungry for more? use my contact form or give me a call!  

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