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Our Services

Lets Sexplore together!

No entailment or disrespect of my boundaries.

 No sex, I do not switch, No blood, No scat, No race or baby play, No animals

No drunks, hard drugs. You must not be inebriated during our time together or it will end immediately.


I am pleased to provide my services as a source of income, my rates are not negotiable.

My knowledge, time and energy are well worth the investment in yourself.


Old fashioned, I prefer to talk rather than text, give me a call.

If you prefer an email or text to introduce yourself this is acceptable. 

Classic FBSM 

A safe, sensual, and satisfying solution to the touch you crave. Most often offered mutually nude because I adore my birthday suit. However, a large selection of sexy lingerie is available on hand. The focus is on your enjoyment, receive judgment-free with no expectations. An ideal time for anybody in need of a bit of touch and a simple release. Just lay back and enjoy the journey with me. My intuitive hands are guaranteed to leave you relaxed and smiling! Perhaps taking you to a sexual height, you never thought possible. Join me in my little retreat from reality.​

$200 1 hr. / $270 1.5 hr.

 $335 2 hr. / $500 3 hr.

Meet & Greet (optional)

Would you like a casual conversation publicly before we meet privately? 

$100 30 minutes

Sensual Domination Kink-friendly FBSM & BDSM

Be my little plaything, together we will saffind subspace. Each session is customized to our connection.
No shame or humiliation for my style is more of a nurturing mother with strict loving discipline. 
All sessions will stay comply within the boundaries of RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink).

$250​ 1 hr. or less ala’ cart accountability/check-in sessions
(a quick convo & one choice * below -must have met prior)
$400 1.5 hours 
$500 2 hours 
$2.5k 12hr. Overnight sessions held in local lux dungeon space

Ringing Phone
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